What’s in a name?

It’s believed in many ancient traditions that if you know the name of something you have power over it. This can manifest as either being able to command it or to break its hold over you.
In Shadow work it is important to know exactly which emotion you’re dealing with. It’s also important not to allow your own or other peoples’ projections to ‘name’ something falsely.

Differences between emotions, and understanding them, can help pinpoint the real areas you need to heal and work with. If you can’t pinpoint the exact emotion, but can instead recognise one of its ‘cousins’, you can still make progress, but perhaps it will take longer to dig out the root cause.

Some of my future posts will be working out these differences, and others will concentrate on specific Shadows – some I am working to heal myself, and others I’ve ‘questioned’ to try to better understand someone else’s projections and Shadows.


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