Thought for the day – sitting with our own ‘stuff’

Sometimes we mine others too deeply, when what we really need to do is sit with our own thoughts and emotions and deal with them.
– Diary musing from 30th January 2017

Sometimes I feel we can rely on others too much to fill the gaps in between. We search for things in others and use them as a distraction from healing our own needs and wounds.
But what pressure might that end up placing on such a relationship, even if it’s a friendship? What happens if that person can no longer be that distraction? We have to remember these people have their own emotional needs and lives to live too.

Instead of searching for the next emotional comfort blanket perhaps we need to look at why we feel we need that comfort in the first place. Are there deeper issues or old wounds we’ve been ignoring or not wanting to face? Maybe it’s time to give a little self-love and sit with our own ‘stuff’ for a while and see what it tells us.

Having been on both sides of this I can say it’s not fair to expect others to take the weight of our emotions. It’s up to us, and while others can be our support network they’re there to stand beside us, not carry us. We are the ones who need to take that brave step to just sit with our Selves.


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