Change is afoot already!

Sometimes the tiniest things can cause a shift in perspective. I started this blog because I wanted to heal, and hoped that in sharing it might prove of use to others. Last night I realised I’d been going about things on here the wrong way. This is about healing – something I’ve long had an interest in with a background in holistic therapies. In focusing on the dark, on my ‘problems’, I forgot that the objective is to aid healing.

A Goddess much beloved to me is Sigyn, the Norse Goddess of compassion, love and healing wounds. She is the one who inspires me on my healing journey. As such, so the blog becomes a better way to honour Her, I’m now going to shift the focus to the healing side of things, and the benefits of integrating, the positive lessons that can come from Shadow work, and the healing journey in general.

Sigyn isn’t one to shy away from the dark – her husband is Loki – but she approaches all with loving compassion. She is a Goddess for deep healing. So the dark will not be ignored here, but will be tempered with compassion.
Then it can – I hope – become worthy of She (Who) Holds The Bowl.


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