The attitude of gratitude: week 1

To help encourage an attitude of gratitude while I’m still finding my feet again I’ve decided to start a simple gratitude log. I’m starting off with just one thing a day, and have decided to keep it going throughout May. Here are the things that gave me feelings of gratitude and pleasure:

  • Monday: The warmth of a hot water bottle.
  • Tuesday: Seeing a beautifully vibrant pheasant in the garden.
  • Wednesday: My cupboard is stocked up with soup again.
  • Thursday: Mum found some chocolate Hobnonbs that are wheat free.
  • Friday: My prayer cards arrived sooner than expected from America.
  • Saturday: I had my biggest order yet on Etsy.
  • Sunday: I read a poem in a post that was just what I needed to hear to help me while I’m trying to heal. It’s so close to home it may as well have been written for me:

2 thoughts on “The attitude of gratitude: week 1

  1. Aw, I love this gratitude post. Inspires me to look for even the smallest things to be thankful for, especially when life becomes challenging. I’m so glad my post provided some balm for your heart. 🙂💓✌🏼

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