Boundaries – The Maze

A maze has different rings, different areas of entry, and different ways of getting to the very centre. Some ways are dead-ends, leading you in so far but never allowing you into the heart.
Good boundaries are the same. Some people you will trust implicitly and allow them into the heart of your Self, others will be denied. Some people will only reach the outer rings, some will be allowed a little further. Sometimes we’ll keep people at the outer rings before we get to know them better, and will let them further in when they prove themselves trustworthy.

I was once told that my boundaries are a maze, that it was hard for this person to work out how to ‘get through’ to me. They seemed to feel they had a right to get through to the very heart of me, and couldn’t accept that though I cared about them I knew I couldn’t trust them with the most personal and vulnerable levels of my Self.
When I started to face the breaking down of who I was, starting my Underworld journey and Shadow work, in the loss and uncertainty I left myself wide open. And after gaining access they used what was in that most vulnerable, delicate ‘heart’ of mine to tear into me.

Boundaries are mazes. The maze is our protection, and while someone may work their way through our various rings it is only because we know within ourselves who we can trust with the different levels of who we are.
We are the keepers of this maze – our Selves – and we are the only ones who can grant entry to the very heart of who we are. Practising discernment, and learning to trust our intuition and gut instinct, will help us to know who can navigate our terrain safely. Healthy boundaries enable us to care for our Selves. We are the gatekeepers and decide who gets how far.


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