The gift of music for inner healing

Music has always been something that has charted phases of my life, whether it’s my years at school, trips or helping me through the different years and phases of illness. Recently it has really been coming back in for me again. When I needed nurturing Dizzi Dulcimer’s original hammered dulcimer compositions pulled on my heart strings and allowed me to release grief and hurt. Within Temptation helped me ride out stronger feelings of ‘injustice’, bolstering me, helping me to work through and rise above a situation.

A few nights ago I chose my ‘Get Moving’ playlist and danced away while I had the gift of a little energy. I created this playlist especially for times when I needed uplifting or motivating, and when I come across another gem it gets added to the list. All sorts are on this playlist: neo-classical, soundtracks, pop, rock and all in between. As long as it has a good beat, makes me feel happy, uplifted or motivated it goes on the ‘Get Moving’ playlist.

Music can guide us through so much. It taps into our psyche, pulling on emotions, memories and feelings. It can be a healer, a motivator, a companion, a comfort and an inspiration. Why not create your own ‘Get Moving’ playlist for when you need to ‘get moving’, whether it’s physically, mentally or emotionally.


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