Reclaiming Sensitive

I wanted to be seen as strong – to feel strong – but I realise that I need to accept I am sensitive. I have a sensitive heart, a sensitive soul, but it doesn’t mean I’m weak. I can be sensitive, I can be kind, loving, soft, and open to the energies of the world around me and still be strong.

I weep with music because it touches my heart, and I can stare in awe at a sunset, moonlit sky or stunning vista because it touches my soul. I can feel the energy of sound, words, of the people I meet, of the places I visit, because I’m sensitive. That is not a weakness, it is a gift.

In trying to be ‘strong’ I forgot my true strengths, my gifts. I became a false kind of me, and that made me weak. That opened me up to hurt because I wasn’t being true to my Self and standing in my centre.

It is not a weakness to be a sensitive person. It does not make you a ‘doormat’ or a ‘pushover’ if you can find the strengths of being sensitive – the gifts, and your Self. Then you can act from a place of true strength, integrity, and for the higher good in a situation. Sometimes this higher good will mean saying ‘no’ or standing your ground because you are sensitive to your own needs – and what is best for you is not giving into someone or something that makes you feel small, weak, hurt, unhappy or afraid. You act with better emotional responsibility because you are sensitive to your own body, its needs and your emotional needs. You are more aware of what is right for you. Sometimes this will mean being strong by standing up for, or asserting, your needs and boundaries, rather than just accepting a situation because you’re more sensitive to the needs of others to your own detriment.

To stand in the strength of Sensitive you stand in the truth of your Self and your own needs. You are aware of the needs of others but you always stay true to who you are and to the higher good. You lead from the heart, rooted in your Sensitive Self. You live with integrity, honouring your Sensitive soul, and standing in the truth of who you are, aware of your own needs and feelings.

You do not let your hurts make you brittle, your nature defensive; you feel those hurts but you find a way to heal without causing pain to another. You do not fan the flames and you know when to step away – or walk away. You understand what is best for you, and you listen to that strong sensitive heart within.
You do not need to force your ideas or opinions on others, you do not need to profess to your gifts loudly because you know who you are. If you lead by example, live by what you believe, then you stand in strength, not fear and weakness.
You will still know pain but you will not inflict it on others because the strength of Sensitive allows you to understand that the energy of what you send out matters.

You are a Warrior of the Heart; honouring the strengths of your Sensitive nature. You are not weak.


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