Thoughts on Vulnerability 

Vulnerability is facing our own emotional nakedness. Divested of our masks and armour we are confronted with our most delicate, raw and vulnerable Self. Here is where all our wounds lie; every slight, every rejection, every disappointment. Here we find the parts of us we tucked away because we weren’t “enough,” or were perhaps “too much.”
Here we face ourselves in the mirror, like the Emperor with no clothes. Finally we stop ignoring our ‘naked’ state and see just what is there.

To be vulnerable is to dismantle the armour – the programming and fears; to pull back the masks and reveal our true faces.

To be vulnerable is to question and counter the false facades we’ve accumulated.

To be vulnerable is to admit our wounds, our fears, our perceived inadequacies.

To be vulnerable is to love ourselves enough to believe we are worthy.

To be vulnerable is to open our hearts to those who have earned that love, and to stand strong before those who haven’t.

To be vulnerable is to heal, to hope, and to find our inner spark.

To be vulnerable is to look at what we want to create in life, take a leap of faith, go out into the world and live by our values.

To be vulnerable is living a more transparent life; hiding no more, from ourselves or others, and taking responsibility and owning our own heart and healing journey.

Vulnerability is our raw truth.


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