Notification – why the change of username?

Those of you who follow me may notice I am not templekitty any more, but soulofapenguin. I feel it ‘fits’ better with this blog. I’ve been going through a lot of processing and shifts lately, and I feel penguin’s lessons are reminding me of who I am again. Penguin has always been a part of my life and I’m reclaiming that resilient, quirky, loveable part of myself.

Penguin came into my life for my first Christmas in the form of a cuddly toy from my late Uncle T. The imaginatively named Pengy still lives with me, and the life lessons of penguin resonate very strongly with me. If my soul was an animal it would be a penguin.
Penguin is resilient, patient yet excitable, communal yet solitary, awkward yet elegant, fierce yet loving, protective but friendly, loveable and quirky. They are a mass of contradictions and I love them for it. Hence soulofapenguin.

(If you wish to read more you can see the article I wrote on my other blog for World Penguin Day)

I will also be changing my ID pic but will leave it a couple of days so as not to confuse people too much.


Penguin Totem, by me


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