The power of dance for healing

When you feel weighed down, you’re stuck in fear or you’re processing and doing deep emotional work try dancing. I’ve said before how music can help uplift us, and when combined with movement it can help us to shift some of that heavy, fearful or stagnant energy around.
I have also started dancing without music when I’ve been doing emotional processing. It’s one thing to get these emotions shifted mentally and emotionally, but you need to release them from your body too. That was what I hadn’t been doing, and my body has been paying the price. Movement, especially dance – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy or formal – helps your body to move those energies around so they can be released. 

Recently I had a particularly strong fearful energy come up as I was trying to sleep. Working through things can bring up fear as we try to process and move forward. I lay in this state for a while but there seemed to be no root to the fear other than uncertainty. After deciding I wasn’t going to let it take over any longer I switched on my phone, stuck in my headphones and danced away to some music that cheers me up and makes me smile.

It wore me out – chronic illnesses  mean I have to ration energy – but I felt lighter afterwards. Some of that energy that had just been swirling around when I was lying down had shifted. Some of the fear was still there but it was much more manageable.

Next time you’re feeling stuck in heavy emotions or fear, especially if you’re doing processing or inner work, put on a song and dance away. It really can help.


4 thoughts on “The power of dance for healing

  1. I have a friend who is certified in Qoya and has been offering classes here and it is so very healing. Last year, right after my dad passed away, we had a class and it really was comforting. Movement is so very powerful…thank you for your blog.

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  2. Hey! This is absolutely relatable! I have been learning dancing for many years now and I can totally relate to you. It is the best mood-changer. Thank you for writing this. And I’d love if you check out my blog too. 🙂

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