Thoughts on Change

Change can be a rollercoaster. If you love rides it can be thrilling, exciting, amazing. If you’d rather keep your feet on the ground even the smallest ‘coaster can be terrifying, gut-churning, dizzying. 

It also depends on the type of rollercoaster. If you love big rides or prefer little ones, if you love all the twists and bends or you prefer a more even track. If you love fast rides or prefer a more sedate pace.

Types of change are like different rollercoasters, and it all depends on the size, format and speed you’re able to embrace, and which overwhelms your senses. Which types of change leave you screaming with exhilaration and which ones leave you screaming to get off.

Sometimes when we get off change’s rollercoaster we’re buoyed, sometimes we feel as flat as a pancake. Either way we have to find out feet again, re-orient ourselves and carry on. The ride doesn’t last forever, even if we want it to, even if we don’t know when we’ll get off.

Just remember to breathe. Enjoy what you can, even if it’s just the scenery while you try to make it through the ride itself. Breathe, and know that when it’s all over, you made it.


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