Forgive. Live. Choose Love

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Forgive. Live. Choose love.

(c) Michelle Gilberthorpe, She Holds The Bowl


The Attitude of Gratitude – week 13

These are the things I’m grateful for from the last week:

Monday: Game of Thrones, for giving me my weekly fantasy fix.
Tuesday: Finding instructions for how to draw different kinds of labyrinths.
Wednesday: My lovely plants.
Thursday: Exploring more of the village we want to move to.
Friday: Free From cheesecake.
Saturday: Finally having the courage to create my little inspiration pieces.
Sunday: A really beautiful and thought-provoking article by Rainbowtree Woman:  A soul perspective on life and suicide and how we can grow towards a more compassionate understanding of each person’s journey.

Update: inspiration pieces

You’ll be seeing more of these types of things on my blog. I know there’s a dearth of them out there in cyberspace, but it’s something that’s been rambling around in my brain waiting for an outlet for a while now. I was too afraid of what others would say or think to put myself out there before, but I’m starting to overcome that. So I’ll be sharing more lil bits of my musings and poems in a more arty, creative format from now on.

Yes, others may do what you do, but they don’t do it the same way you do. Everyone has a different take on things, and yours is just as valid as anyone else. Please don’t forget that.

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Memories are
Strange little things,
They can drag you down
Or give you wings.

They show you where
You’ve made mistakes,
Where there were no
More second takes.

They show you where
Your path went wrong,
And where you forgot
Your heart’s song.

They show you
What you love to do,
What makes you happy,
What’s right for you.

They can inspire,
Set you soul alight;
Can fill your heart
And appetite.

Are wonderful things,
They show you
Where your heart sings.

(c) Michelle Gilberthorpe, She Holds The Bowl
July 2017

The Attitude of Gratitude – Chester Bennington & Linkin Park

Linkin Park have been a part of my life since my teens. Although I didn’t struggle with many of the situations and issues spoken about in their songs, their lyrics and music have had a profound effect on me. Whether singing in that raw, effortless way or screaming like a banshee, Chester Bennington’s vocals are instantly recognisable.

I can chart parts of my life through Linkin Park songs. Generally I prefer more from their later albums. They seemed to be growing, developing and evolving, and I could resonate with that too.
Living Things is probably my favourite album. I bought it for my trip to Glastonbury, Avebury and Stonehenge in 2013. I can still remember our last day, driving away with the Tor fading from view as Castle of Glass was a playing through my headphones. Glastonbury was known as Ynis Witrin – the Isle of Glass – a fitting piece of synchronicity. A few months ago the song took on a whole new meaning for me as I was trying to find myself again.

Bring me home from this blinding dream,
Through the secrets that I have seen.
Wash the sorrow from off my skin
And teach me how to be whole again.

– Linkin Park, Castle of Glass

Linkin Park’s songs pull on strings within me in ways I can’t explain. And it isn’t always the lyrics either – in March I bought instrumental versions of their music to paint and create to. When I’m doing this work I can’t be distracted by lyrics, so stick to music only. I was delighted when I stumbled across the instrumental albums. I wish they’d release Meteora and Minutes to Midnight too.
Something in their music reaches into me. It pulls out that creative energy and transfers it into the outer world; from energy, thought and feeling into action. It pulls on strands that need to be woven into a greater whole. It calls to that part of me that needs to express with all of its being.

I am grateful, and forever thankful, to Chester Bennington for putting his heart and soul into lyrics and music. I’m grateful for a man whose lyrics, music and voice inspired so many. He and Linkin Park have left an indelible footprint on my life. That legacy will live on for many years to come.

I can only hope his death raises the profile of the need for better help for those with depression and mental health disorders, and the need for a more caring, understanding mindset. I also hope it will make it easier to speak for the loved ones of those who have taken their own lives. At the time I found I couldn’t talk to friends, and even some family members, about the loss of loved ones because of their discomfort on the subject of suicide.

I hope for a kinder, more understanding future. Bright lights that get snuffed out leave a hole in the sky, but those who twinkled are missed even more by those who know where to look.

And the shadow of the day
Will embrace the world in grey,
And the sun will set for you.

– Linkin Park, Shadow of the Day

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The Attitude of Gratitude – week 12

These are the things I’m grateful for from the last week:

Monday: My loving, supportive parents.
Tuesday: Speaking to my brother in the USA on Skype.
Wednesday: Finding a lovely Ganesh statue at reduced price.
Thursday: Rest.
Friday: Chester Bennington and the music of Linkin Park.
Saturday: The Free From food selection in our local supermarket.
Sunday: Memories of Aunty Tina.


Dream. Create. Inspire.
Leave your mark on the world,
No matter how big or small.
Pour your creative heart
And soul out.
Give your gifts to the world
And don’t hold back.

(c) Michelle Gilberthorpe, She Holds The Bowl

Inspired by the footprints left by the late Chester Bennington and the music of Linkin Park.

Not everyone will see You, and that’s okay

Some people will never ‘get’ You, even if they want to. It’s okay.
Some people will never understand You, no matter how much or how little they may try. It’s okay.
Some people will judge You, no matter how you try to ‘explain’ yourself. It’s okay.
Some people will not like You, no matter how lovable you are. It’s okay.

Remember this:
You are your own person.
You are lovable, You are loving, and You are loved.
Live your life with love. Give love. Receive love. Be love.

(c) Michelle Gilberthorpe, She Holds The Bowl
July 2017