Layers, the Labyrinth, and the Journey to the Self

Layers are like the labyrinth – you go round and round, spiralling, always circling the core, getting ever closer to the heart of the issue, behaviour or lesson. Sometimes you can walk through a ring of the labyrinth quickly, sometimes you need a more sedate pace to really take it all in. Sometimes you’re hurried through, sometimes you’re slowed down.

Whatever the speed, no matter the layer, you are being inexorably drawn to the heart of You. Sometimes we’ll have to walk multiple labyrinths, peeling layer after layer from different issues. We walk many labyrinths, and we walk only one.

Each completed journey of discovery, each labyrinth, brings us a few steps (or a ring) further on the greater labyrinth leading to the heart of our Self. Labyrinths within labyrinths.

The wonderful thing about them is that, unlike the maze, there are no dead ends. The labyrinth is one winding journey to the centre. You can’t get lost, only delayed or stalled. While in life you may wander off your path, the labyrinth waits patiently for you to pick up your feet and take the next step on your inward journey. The labyrinth waits patiently to lead you to You.


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