11 years – suicide, “wasted talent” and the stifling of the Self

11 years ago today my warm, caring & funny Uncle Tony took his life. 11 years ago today a light in our family’s sky went out. 11 years is a long time, but he remains forever in our hearts.

Our society is skewed and doesn’t generally encourage expression of the true Self. We’re made to cramp ourselves into tiny, constricted boxes that do not allow us to grow into who we Are. Those who do start to break out or question things can feel alone, like the world just isn’t made for their individuality, and it can take a LOT of courage and determination to keep fighting against the tide.  

This article by Rainbowtree Woman is a really thought-provoking piece. I really recommend reading it.
A soul perspective on life and suicide and how we can grow towards a more compassionate understanding of each person’s journey.


2 thoughts on “11 years – suicide, “wasted talent” and the stifling of the Self

  1. Thank you for sharing my post…. I’ve just found my way to your blog and I look forward to spending some time reading…sorry to hear about your uncle…this was interesting timing that you found the article I just posted…I’m glad you found it to be helpful. Much love, Jaymie

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