Shadow Work – Godzilla vs Stegosaurus

When working to heal Shadows it’s crucial to be able to pinpoint what’s actually ‘yours’ and what’s your fears or the projections of others. At times like this it can feel like you’re faced with a monstrosity, and it can feel overwhelming.

Whether it’s ‘truth’, fears or seeds of ‘truth’ blown out of proportion by others, what we’re left to face is not the Godzilla we might imagine, but a Stegosaurus. These creatures were herbivores, so they weren’t predators. They could, however, pack quite a punch with that spiky tail, and their armour was pretty thick too.
If we look on our Shadows as a Stegosaurus we see a tough exterior, but realise it’s probably more placid when it’s not provoked or riled. This means our Shadow Steggy is approachable, if it’s done with caution.

Shadows deserve respect. They are there to teach us the things we choose to ignore, overlook or stuff down. There is often an underlying lesson – or more than one – that our Shadows are trying to make us aware of. By ignoring them we’re getting them getting riled up. That’s when placid Steggy turns into battle-mode Steggy. We’re not getting the point so he has to up his game.
The problem is, unless you’ve heard of Shadow work, emotional responsibility, or the process of recognising the root cause of emotions you’re not going to be paying attention to the underlying messages. Even if you have heard of or know about these things it can be difficult to stop and ‘listen’.

Shadows are an important part of our psyche, and it’s vital not only for our emotional health, but for our relationships with others that we start to take note of what they have to say.
So next time you’re facing a Shadow try seeing a Steggy instead of a Godzilla and see where that gets you.


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