Organising my study space for creativity

We moved into our transitional home around a month ago, and I’ve been slowly sorting out what needs to go where, and what can remain boxed up until we move to our next more permanent home.

Yesterday I decided I’d had enough of missing out on inspiration for posts, and keeping track of them, so I got organised. I appropriated a white board belonging to my brother, who no longer lives at home, and a small notice board that my mum’s not currently using. I hung them up and got to work.

The white board is now set up with sticky notes in two colours for my two separate blogs, with bags underneath for future post ideas. To the right are various awareness dates for the next three months, with ideas for inspired posts.

The little notice board is my inspiration place. I have two Angel wings cards by Soulful Creations , a thank you card from The Mad Old Cat Lady (website and Etsy shop), a postcard of the Eiffel tower to represent my dreams of traveling, a birdy calendar, and a photo of my late beloved cat Orlando. There’s also a little silk daffodil in the top left hand corner from Marie Curie Cancer Research.

On my computer screen I have my favourite postcard from Glastonbury. It shows the Tor, and the photo always takes me away somewhere dreamy whenever I look at it. (

I also have a selection of my Ancient Egyptian, Ancient History and reference books out now, where they’re easily accessed.

My paint brushes are now also to hand.

And some of my plant babies help to bring nature back in.

Overall it’s really helped me to connect with the space, and I’m looking forward to writing, painting and creating here.


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