Equinox 2018 Poem

Happy Equinox, everyone. May Winter’s pall make way for Spring’s more inviting shawl.

As it looked through the haze
The Sun saw it then;
The seed was a seed no more,
But with Spring’s eyes
It had shed its disguise
And was coming at last
Into bloom.
Out at last
From Winter’s gloom.

(c) Michelle Gilberthorpe, She Holds The Bowl, 2018

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Shared: Self care isn’t selfish by Trait(s) Pour Trait(s)

Sharing this lovely piece by Trait(s) Pour Trait(s) because: 1) self-care is important for our wellbeing, 2) I love cats, and 3) furry therapy is also a part of self-care for me.

Self care isn’t selfish by Trait(s) Pour Trait(s) – http://traitspourtraits.tumblr.com/post/143274640729

Thirteen Themes of Self-care – Self-care core principles

When you move into deeper levels of self-care you enter deeper levels of inner healing. As my own self-care journey has progressed I have come across several important recurring themes, so I thought I’d share the following tips to help you get started with identifying your own self-care core principles.

1) Find ways to engage in relaxation – Try to find a way to factor in whatever relaxes you on a regular basis. It helps to de-stress, gives you some time to take a breather, and adds something fulfilling and nurturing to your daily, weekly or monthly routine.

2) Reduce anything that isn’t contributing to overall wellbeing – Be honest with yourself. Whether it’s what you read or watch, people who leave you feeling drained, social media, activities you don’t enjoy anymore or junk food, try to cut it down or cut it out. Doing this leaves space for new things, pursuits or people to enter your life that add more benefit to your physical, mental and emotional state.

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