When you stumble on the path or lose your way

Perhaps you stumbled or took a detour. Perhaps something cut you off, or you severed the link yourself…

There are times when most people struggle on their pathway, for one reason or another. The first step is to accept that you have become separated from it, and to look into the reasons it happened.
Some events are out of your control, and there’s no way you could have predicted them, but you do have a certain measure of control in your response. After the initial reaction (emotions, fears or feelings) it’s time to take a deep breath and assess.

Once you’ve assessed you can start to make changes, address issues, or begin healing in a manner that will help to bring you back into balance.
Finding balance could mean identifying values or boundaries and living more in alignment with them. It could mean asking for specific types of help or support. It could mean organising or planning certain things. It could mean centering and finding a way to cope with anxiety or fear. It could mean getting real with yourself about how your own thoughts, actions, behaviours or issues are holding you back, and addressing them appropriately.

After this, sometimes you will also need to look at whether the path you were on is the one you need to be on now. In coming more into alignment with your Self and your real needs and desires, you may find that your pathway is to take a different route completely.

Sometimes things from your past that were pushed aside or left behind are brought back in and reappear. Perhaps you weren’t ready for them before, but now they’re coming back in as you start a new phase and have more self-awareness.

Sometimes you get knocked about by a situation and need time to regroup and heal. Then, when you’re ready, you pick yourself up and step back onto the path.

Sometimes your faith is tested completely, and you don’t even know what your pathway is anymore. You might need to wait and allow things to develop in their own time. You may be waiting for some time; or not. It may even feel painful, like a separation from yourself or o/Others*. Sooner or later things will start to reappear, but perhaps in different ways. Don’t miss out on opportunities because they’re not the specific ‘thing’ you’re looking for.

Everyone stumbles, falls or has times when the path diverges, changes or gets cut off temporarily. Don’t give up. Know that eventually a change will come about. Trust, and believe that the road or signpost will reveal itself eventually.

(c) Michelle G, She Holds The Bowl, 2018

*o/Others – family, friends, God, Deities, Spirit, the Universe, etc.


I’ve started a new project – weekly oracle card readings

I’ve used oracle cards privately for myself and a few others for around 12 years now, but I’ve had a really strong urge to do weekly readings. I pushed it away for a while, thinking, “Who am I to do something like that?” But it’s something that kept surfacing, so I finally took the plunge and started a blog for weekly oracle card readings. This week I’ve also tried another setup and picked a card for the New Moon.

If you are interested in such things and would like to take a look then head on over to The Penguin’s Tidepool. I’m still exploring this medium in terms of ‘public’ readings, but it’s really challenging my beliefs about my capabilities and putting myself ‘out there’ in new ways. It’s a whole new creative, as well as spiritual, process for me and I’m loving it.

If there’s something you keep coming back to, something you just can’t shake off, give it a go. I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore new avenues. Even if they don’t work out or things change as you progress, you tried and you gained some different experiences in the process.


Chronic illness: You are not your diagnosis, and you are worthy of love

This week is M.E. Awareness Week.

I write the following from the perspective of someone who has M.E., fibromyalgia, migraines and other conditions. I’ve had M.E. for around 15 years now, since I was 17. I have spent various times being bedbound and (mostly) housebound. I am currently (mostly) housebound, so I know what it’s like to have something take over your life, where it feels you have so little say in what you can do.
It can be hard to separate your view of yourself from the illnesses/ conditions, but it can be done. We are all individuals and chronic illness doesn’t change that. We might change as a result of these things but we are not our diagnosis.

Remember that you are not your illness/ diagnosis. You are a person who lives with these things, and they define aspects of how you can live your life, but they are not You.

You deserve to be loved and appreciated just like anyone else does. Just because you have a long-term health condition it doesn’t mean you are ‘lesser’ for it. You still have your own personality, your own quirks and gifts, and you are worthy of being loved.

Never underestimate who you are because of the diagnosis you have received and the condition(s) you live with. You are worthy of being loved… and you can start by learning to love yourself for who you truly are. When you do, you teach others how to love you too.

(Michelle G, She Holds The Bowl, 2018)