I’ve started a new project – weekly oracle card readings

I’ve used oracle cards privately for myself and a few others for around 12 years now, but I’ve had a really strong urge to do weekly readings. I pushed it away for a while, thinking, “Who am I to do something like that?” But it’s something that kept surfacing, so I finally took the plunge and started a blog for weekly oracle card readings. This week I’ve also tried another setup and picked a card for the New Moon.

If you are interested in such things and would like to take a look then head on over to The Penguin’s Tidepool. I’m still exploring this medium in terms of ‘public’ readings, but it’s really challenging my beliefs about my capabilities and putting myself ‘out there’ in new ways. It’s a whole new creative, as well as spiritual, process for me and I’m loving it.

If there’s something you keep coming back to, something you just can’t shake off, give it a go. I wholeheartedly encourage you to explore new avenues. Even if they don’t work out or things change as you progress, you tried and you gained some different experiences in the process.



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