Quote on taking steps towards change by Fearne Cotton

If you’re feeling the potential for a big life change on the horizon but still can’t quite take your first step off the diving board then, for now, take small considered steps. You don’t have to make great leaps from the get-go. Work out what you feel needs to change and make your choices around that. Decide which tiny stepping stones can set you in the right direction, but won’t feel like a shock to the system. If you know your inner happiness will improve with change, grab those choices by the horns and breathe into the unknown.”

– Fearne Cotton, Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect (page 111)


If something ends…

If something ends because things didn’t work out as you hoped that doesn’t mean it was a waste of time.
Try to remember the good that was there; the experiences, the happier times. Then look to the lessons you have learned since.
Take both of these things – the memories and the lessons – and start on a new step forward. It wasn’t a waste of time, it was an experience, and a part of your life story.

(c) Michelle G, She Holds The Bowl, 2018