Standing in your Truth can be a bit scary…

Standing in your Truth can be a bit scary at times, as you never know how it will be received.
But if something is really important to you, and you spoke up with love, then you know that you stood in your Truth and you didn’t just stand by.
Speak from the heart and, no matter the outcome, you know you did your best.

– Michelle Thereze

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon


Struggles with forgiveness – a Heart disconnection

Forgiveness is a journey. Sometimes you cannot complete it yet because you are separated from your own Heart. In a bid to protect yourself the barriers went up, perhaps completely unconsciously, but now they have become a block. This block stops you from accessing the depths and expansiveness of your Heart.
You will know this is the case when you actually want to forgive someone and it causes you pain to be unable to do so. Despite everything there is still some part that can’t seem to let go, and it causes distress.

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