Hi, my name’s Michelle. I trained in a number of holistic and complementary therapies, and I enjoy reading books promoting self-help, overall wellbeing and inner healing. I enjoy writing, painting, beading, music, exploring ancient history and mythology. I enjoy making my own essential oil mixes and room sprays, candles and body scrubs. I’m a bit of a fantasy series geek, and I love cats, penguins, birds and dragons.
I’m a fairly open-faith Polytheist. I am mainly inspired by the Gods and Goddesses of old, but I also enjoy reading works by Mystics from a number of belief systems.
I’ve had M.E. and other things for about 15 years now. Exploring various spiritual approaches, and finding my own, has helped me to better understand and accept some of the gifts and lessons chronic illness can bring. I’m still learning, but they’ve taught me a lot about looking differently at the world around me.

I started She Holds The Bowl in April 2017, for my own self-healing after getting burned out on all levels. For many months I had very much played the ‘supportive healer/lightworker/compassionate heart’ role in a situation, ignoring the signs my intuition and my body were giving me. I pushed down my own health and emotional needs, prioritising another’s. By the time I finally had the courage to set healthier boundaries it was too late. Because I’d let things go on so long, when I had to start pulling back there were other, more personal consequences too.

In November 2017 I decided to take a break from writing here to reassess. I felt like I needed to change things, but I wasn’t really sure how. In late January 2018 I decided I wanted to write for fellow Compassionate Hearts and Creative Souls. This includes, but is not limited to, those who identify as Carers, Healers and Compassionate Hearts, as well as those sensitive Creative Souls who find it difficult to express themselves in today’s society.  Self-care is incredibly important for us, to keep our own cups full, and if you’re someone who also has a chronic illness it is especially important.

She Holds The Bowl is named after Sigyn, the Norse Goddess of love, compassion and deep healing. She holds a bowl over her bound husband Loki, preventing poison from dripping onto him. There are times when the bowl fills up and she has to step away to empty out the poison. This shows that she is also aware of the need for those in a caring role to step away sometimes, so they can recharge themselves.
She shelters, loves with her whole compassionate heart, and she isn’t afraid to face the darker or harsher side of life. She has tremendous strength, and is a symbol of protection, devoted love and compassion.

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