Hello, my name’s Michelle. I enjoy writing, painting, beading, music, exploring ancient history and mythology. I enjoy making my own essential oil mixes and room sprays, candles and body scrubs. I’m a bit of a fantasy series geek, and I love cats, penguins, birds and dragons. I trained in a number of complementary therapies, and I enjoy reading books promoting self-help, overall wellbeing and inner healing.

Exploring various spiritual approaches, and finding my own, has helped me to better understand and accept some of the gifts and lessons chronic illness can bring. I’m still learning.

I’m a fairly open-faith devotional Polytheist. I am mainly inspired by the Gods and Goddesses of old, but I also enjoy reading works by Mystics from the Christian faith. In February 2017 I started reading works by members of the Carmelite tradition, particularly those of St Teresa of Avila. The Carmelites speak of the ‘dark night of the soul’, so akin to the Underworld journey and Shadow work. Those works really helped me through my own ‘dark night’.
I’m looking forward to discovering the works of other contemplatives and mystics from other traditions too.

This blog is a place to share my musings and experiences of self-care, inner healing, the healing process in general, the Underworld journey, the lessons of Shadow work, integration and emotional responsibility. It’s also somewhere to share some of my more poetical musings.
Over time I expect the blog to grow and evolve, as I’m still finding my ‘voice’ for this kind of work. I will also include links to books, blogs and articles I’ve found (and find) useful during my own journey.

She Holds The Bowl is named after Sigyn, the Norse Goddess of love, compassion and deep healing. She holds a bowl over her bound husband Loki, preventing poison from dripping onto him. She shelters, loves with her whole compassionate heart, and she isn’t afraid to face the darker or harsher side of life. She has tremendous strength, and is a symbol of protection, devoted love and compassion.

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I have also started a dream and symbols interpretation blog. I tend to work symbolically, in a different way to how a lot of books interpret dreams so thought I’d share me musings on them: Of Dreams and Symbols