Moving stuff to new blog

Hi everyone, I am moving my stuff from here to another blog, Michelle Thereze Creative. The new blog will include some of my old pieces from this blog, as well as new posts on self-care and emotional wellbeing. It will also open up the scope of what I’m sharing to include photos, posts on creativity, eco bits, chronic illness and random bits I’d like to talk about.

My first full post on there is on the subject of missing animal friends who have passed over.

I haven’t moved over my old posts yet, but when I do this blog will be set to private. Some of the pieces will be up on Michelle Thereze Creative, but others will not. Some are forming parts of a book I’m writing.

I would love for you to join me on the new blog, but will understand if you don’t wish to.



Remembering people you miss at Christmas time

Anniversaries and birthdays of loved ones who have passed can be a difficult time for many. They can be especially difficult during December, with the focus on spending time with family at Christmas.

If you are missing a loved one know that it’s okay to do so. This time of year isn’t happy for everyone all of the time.

Maybe light a candle to honour those you’re remembering, and incorporate it into part of your yearly routine. Honour the memories and feelings you still have. Honour those you love and miss.

(c) Michelle Thereze, She Holds The Bowl, 2018

Struggles with forgiveness – a Heart disconnection

Forgiveness is a journey. Sometimes you cannot complete it yet because you are separated from your own Heart. In a bid to protect yourself the barriers went up, perhaps completely unconsciously, but now they have become a block. This block stops you from accessing the depths and expansiveness of your Heart.
You will know this is the case when you actually want to forgive someone and it causes you pain to be unable to do so. Despite everything there is still some part that can’t seem to let go, and it causes distress.

You are not a ‘bad person’ for not forgiving. If you’ve been working hard on forgiveness and letting go, and anger or bitterness are no longer the dominant emotions, it’s time to reconnect with your Heart. If you are trying everything you can but you cannot consistently access feelings of trust, joy or love then this is a big clue. You may be able to feel ‘negative’ emotions or pain, but be unable to consistently feel the more ‘positive’ ones.
Perhaps in fleeting moments, around certain people, or in certain situations you can access those depths, but mostly it’s on a kind of surface level. There is a disconnect between you and your Heart.

This shows you where your focus for healing now needs to be. Once reconnected to those depths the last pieces can fall into place… and lasting forgiveness can follow.

(c) Michelle G, She Holds The Bowl, 2018

Quote on taking steps towards change by Fearne Cotton

If you’re feeling the potential for a big life change on the horizon but still can’t quite take your first step off the diving board then, for now, take small considered steps. You don’t have to make great leaps from the get-go. Work out what you feel needs to change and make your choices around that. Decide which tiny stepping stones can set you in the right direction, but won’t feel like a shock to the system. If you know your inner happiness will improve with change, grab those choices by the horns and breathe into the unknown.”

– Fearne Cotton, Happy: Finding joy in every day and letting go of perfect (page 111)

If something ends…

If something ends because things didn’t work out as you hoped that doesn’t mean it was a waste of time.
Try to remember the good that was there; the experiences, the happier times. Then look to the lessons you have learned since.
Take both of these things – the memories and the lessons – and start on a new step forward. It wasn’t a waste of time, it was an experience, and a part of your life story.

(c) Michelle G, She Holds The Bowl, 2018

It’s okay… keep going

It’s okay to admit you got it wrong. It’s okay to admit you made a mistake, took too much on, tried to ‘run before you could walk’, or you just aren’t ready yet.

Sometimes we can charge ahead, feeling like we ‘need’ to do something or ‘should’ be making progress. But sometimes we also need to take a deliberate step back, take note, and accept its not what we need.

Maybe you were trying to give or do too much while keeping little in reserve for yourself. Maybe you got caught up in dreams for the future and didn’t think about the practicalities of the here and now. Maybe you started on a path and you realise it’s not the right one for you. Maybe you tried to ‘get back into the world again’ before you’re fully healed and ready.

It’s okay.

It’s okay to admit you made a mistake. It’s okay to reassess. It’s okay to realise you need to set healthier boundaries or practice better self-care. And its okay to say you’re not ready yet; that you still need time to heal.

It’s okay. You will be okay.

Sometimes the first step to a better future is to make sure we have a better relationship with ourselves. Admitting when we need to change things, when we need to take a step back, or when we’re not ready to face something yet is all a part of the process. Self-love and self-care begins with self-honesty, self-accountability and self-responsibility.

Love yourself enough to know it’s okay to admit you got it wrong, that you made a mistake, or that you need more time. It is not failure to admit these things. It takes great inner strength to look within and love yourself even when you stumble and fall.

Keep going


Michelle Thereze, She Holds The Bowl, 2018

Taking a break

I’m going to be taking a break of at least a week across all my blogs. I want to prioritise self-care, get back to centre, and be present for all of the changes going on. I’m needing time to recouperate, re-balance, reconnect, reflect and reassess on a number of different levels. To do so I need to withdraw from a lot of external output so I can go within.

The reassessing will also extend to my various blogs. As I’m shifting, growing and changing my ideas and feelings about my blogs are doing the same. I’m not the same person I was 18 months, a year or even a month ago, and I need to reflect on that and see how I can translate it into my online presence and content.

I will be back, but until then: take care of yourselves, remember you have a right to self-care, and you are allowed to change, evolve and move into new things.


Self-care & Wellbeing Purchases – Agave plant & photo frame

I’m going to start sharing some of the things I have brought/ bring in to my life that contribute to my self-care and self-love practice, as well as my overall wellbeing.


For me plants are part of my self-care. I love watching how they grow and develop seasonally and year after year. Taking care of them reminds me to take care of myself too. I bought this little Agave at a local May fair, and found the pot a couple of days later in the local branch of Tiger Store.

The colours tie in just right with my Kwan Yin card (from Lindy Lawler), which I’ve had for some time. The card itself was getting all bent out of shape from being on my window sill, so I finally bought a frame for it. I notice it even more now, and the message – “Remember you shine with the brightness of a thousand suns” – is something that particularly speaks to me. Remembering to honour our heart and our gifts is important for self-care and self-love.

(c) Michelle G, She Holds The Bowl, 2018

When you stumble on the path or lose your way

Perhaps you stumbled or took a detour. Perhaps something cut you off, or you severed the link yourself…

There are times when most people struggle on their pathway, for one reason or another. The first step is to accept that you have become separated from it, and to look into the reasons it happened.
Some events are out of your control, and there’s no way you could have predicted them, but you do have a certain measure of control in your response. After the initial reaction (emotions, fears or feelings) it’s time to take a deep breath and assess.

Once you’ve assessed you can start to make changes, address issues, or begin healing in a manner that will help to bring you back into balance.
Finding balance could mean identifying values or boundaries and living more in alignment with them. It could mean asking for specific types of help or support. It could mean organising or planning certain things. It could mean centering and finding a way to cope with anxiety or fear. It could mean getting real with yourself about how your own thoughts, actions, behaviours or issues are holding you back, and addressing them appropriately.

After this, sometimes you will also need to look at whether the path you were on is the one you need to be on now. In coming more into alignment with your Self and your real needs and desires, you may find that your pathway is to take a different route completely.

Sometimes things from your past that were pushed aside or left behind are brought back in and reappear. Perhaps you weren’t ready for them before, but now they’re coming back in as you start a new phase and have more self-awareness.

Sometimes you get knocked about by a situation and need time to regroup and heal. Then, when you’re ready, you pick yourself up and step back onto the path.

Sometimes your faith is tested completely, and you don’t even know what your pathway is anymore. You might need to wait and allow things to develop in their own time. You may be waiting for some time; or not. It may even feel painful, like a separation from yourself or o/Others*. Sooner or later things will start to reappear, but perhaps in different ways. Don’t miss out on opportunities because they’re not the specific ‘thing’ you’re looking for.

Everyone stumbles, falls or has times when the path diverges, changes or gets cut off temporarily. Don’t give up. Know that eventually a change will come about. Trust, and believe that the road or signpost will reveal itself eventually.

(c) Michelle G, She Holds The Bowl, 2018

*o/Others – family, friends, God, Deities, Spirit, the Universe, etc.